Free Consultation

TERMS AND CONDITIONS — Kindly review and accept the terms before submitting your request.

I agree that:

1) Food Safety First Inc. (FSF Inc.) reserves the right to contact me by phone or email to validate the information I’m providing;

2) The accuracy of the information provided by FSF Inc. is partly based on the information I am submitting;

3) This free consultation shall consist of one topic only and asked only one time; I will not engage in a communication back and forth unless FSF Inc. which to expand on the topic;

4) This free consultation should not replace the services of a professional consultant and that the service is intended as guidance only. If I need further assistance to expand on the topic, I should research on my own and/or engage on consulting services with a professional consultant;

5) FSF Inc. reserves the right to not provide the free services, if at least one the following situation occurs; a) the client is a professional consultant; b) the client is engaged with the services of a consultant; c) the language used to describe the question is not English and/or is considered offensive.