Food Safety Maintenance

If developing and implementing a food safety management system requires effort and dedication; maintaining a FSMS is even more challenging. Traditionally, companies assign sufficient resources (i.e. consultants, management, employees) during the implementation process; but once the certification is achieved some resources are depleted leaving the task of maintaining the program to a single person.

FSF Inc. does not intend to manage your FSMS, instead, provide support in regards to changes in regulations and standards, internal audit, verification, etc.

CFIA Recognized Facilities

CFIA registered plants (i.e. meat processing, freezer storage, etc.) are exposed to daily inspections and recognition audits; which generates a great deal of effort to handle the verification reports and corrective action request issued by the CFIA.

FSF Inc. serves as bridge between the plant and the CFIA, providing the necessary support to alleviate the maintenance of your food safety management system by conducting the follow activities:

  • Reassessment of HACCP system
  • Deal with Corrective Action Requests
  • Deal with or coordinate the correction of verification reports
  • Represent the company during the section 4 CFIA audits
  • Customer inspections and audits
  • Other food safety and quality issues

GFSI Facilities

OMAFRA Recognized Facilities